Does your body not amaze you??

Walking out of my 6am TRX class this morning, I overheard the most adorable girl say, “I mean my body is OK. It’s not amazing”.

A statement I’ve said about my own body 100 times. But as I sat in there drenching in sweat I wondered how I could have been so ungrateful to have thought that way. I wanted to approach the girl but I didn’t know how. So now I’m sitting in the parking lot of my yoga studio writing this post.

If I would have approached her, I would have said…

Your body is not amazing? Does it not support you unconditionally? Are you not abledbodied? Does it not warn you when there are problems and soothe you when there is pleasure? Will it take you places? Can it give you rest? Are you able to see, to listen, to taste, to smell, and to touch? What will you have for lunch today? Will your body allow you to enjoy it? Are you able to keep warm in the winter? Will you be able to hug your family on Thanksgiving? How about play with your nieces and nephews? Is your body cooperative? Does it fight off disease? Can it grow stronger if you allow it to? Does it stop you from doing anything that your mind wants to do? Or does it work together with your mind and soul?

Your body, my body, our bodies are the most amazing thing we have! If you are healthy today be grateful!! Love your body. If you can perform your daily tasks with ease, THAT is an amazing body. 


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