Recipe for Success (2 ingredients)

Lately I’ve been getting asked “how I do it”, as if I’m doing some extraordinarily wonderful thing in my professional life. At the risk of losing my luster, I’ve decided to let you all in on my secret.


  1. BE PREPARED. As Louis Pasteur (the dead dude who invented pasteurizing milk) would say, “fortune favors the prepared”. I cannot stress this enough. The more qualified you are, the more things will come your way. School IS important. It’s an unfair reality but people will not look at you the same if you never went to college or dropped out of college. Steve Jobs is the exception, not the rule. Watch the news! If you watch the news, you will seem smarter than 90% of your peers and it only takes about 30 minutes a week to stay informed. Also, SNL will be a lot funnier. Pop culture counts too. The more books you read, movies you watch, and shows you get addicted to, the greater the chance is that you will have at least one thing to bond with a stranger about. These are all great ice breakers and conversation starters. Get with it.
  2. FIND OPPORTUNITY. Once you smarten up, opportunity will come knocking on its own. You will be the first person your peers think of when they get an idea or hear of a cool opportunity. This is especially true if you qualify yourself as an “expert” in something (this is also easy to fake). The best way to find opportunity, if it isn’t knocking, is by meeting as many people as you can and knowing them as well as you can. The next time you are introduced to somebody new, remember their name and learn something about them. When you’re successful, you need all types of people doing all types of things for you. It’s like a puzzle and you never know when you’re actually meeting the piece you’ve been looking for. It’s also important to make a good impression and try not to piss anybody off. it takes 10 good friends to make up for one bad enemy. That girl whose boyfriend you stole in 6th grade could become your boss one day.

That’s all there is to it. Work hard, stay in your lane, and network ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read my first ever blog post!!! I want to s/o my little sis Elana for getting me into this. Follow her site we will be doing some content exchanges in the near future!


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